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Unlock the full potential of web development with unparalleled performance, scalability, and security.
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Going Headless
Headless separates your frontend and backend, giving you the freedom to develop your website exactly how you want it.
Use components to speed up development
Incorporate a design system and use components for your Headless frontend to streamline development with reusable code.
Building the frontend
Create the user interface of the website using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Provide a clear and consistent API
Design the endpoints and the structure of the data that is returned. The backend should also be able to integrate with other systems and services, such as databases, external APIs, and cloud services.
Setting up the backend framework
Configure the API that delivers data to the front-end.
Handle the response from the backend in the frontend
Implement authentication and authorization to secure the communication between the frontend and backend.
Connecting the frontend and backend
Configure the frontend to consume the API and retrieve data from the backend.
Why choose Headless?
Headless lets you use your favorite frontend frameworks and tool stack for fast, secure, and scalable websites.
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Enhanced performance
Without the limitations of a traditional CMS, you can easily fine-tune your website to be lightweight and ultra-performant.
Flexibility and scalability
API-based architecture allows you to more easily integrate your CMS with other systems and replace those systems as needed.
Improved security
A Headless CMS provides security through separation, as the front and backend are separated, attackers cannot reach one end through the other.
Content management at scale
A Headless CMS makes it easier to manage and update content across multiple channels since you have a “single source of truth”.
Key benefits of Headless
A Headless CMS completely changes how your website functions, unlocking endless possibilities.
Websites can be built to suit the needs of the user without having to work around the constraints of a traditional CMS.
Since tools are not directly coupled in the CMS, they can all be easily updated or replaced to match the changing needs of your website. 
A Headless CMS can be attached to multiple websites, mobile apps, and IoT systems, as well as connecting with backend tools such as analytics, CRM, and e-commerce functionalities.
User Experience
With the possibilities that it provides for flexibility, scalability, integration, and performance, Headless offers vastly superior user experiences.
A Headless website can offer greater security than a traditional website, as the backend can be protected from attacks on the frontend. And, since the API is the most important component to protect, the attack surface is reduced, making it easier to protect against cyber attacks.  
Building a Headless website provides developers with more freedom than a traditional CMS. The ability to be more selective with frameworks can greatly streamline development time.
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